The Earth Day movement started 46 years ago in an effort to awaken everyone’s consciousness to put the environment first. This national day was founded by Gaylord Nelson and has been going strong ever since with the main purpose of having a healthy and sustainable environment. Earth Day is something very important to Rein Naturals, but not just on this dedicated day of April 22.

Plants are not only the basis and life of our product, they also do so much more for our company and our lives. Fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, and pure essential oils are some of our most favorite things to pay tribute.

Just think about all of the grass, hay, and feed your horse consumes on a daily basis. Think about how many gallons of water they need each day. These vital needs of your horse’s life are only a small piece to the large puzzle of our world. We hope that you take this day, as well as all other days of the year, to think about the environment and act upon what you can do to make it a healthy and sustainable planet.